Orchids & Plants 

$ 5,650.00

Impressive design with four double stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchids placed in a modem ceramic vase.

$ 1,350.00

This incredible white orchid features a sunlit yellow throat. Smooth river rocks and a natural root complement this composition. Orchid is placed in a white or black glass vase.

$ 2,950.00

Exquisite double stemmed purple Orchids decorated with a natural root in a white or black ceramic vase.

$ 1,350.00

Gorgeous purple orchid plant with smooth river rocks and a natural root in a white or black glass vase.

$ 650.00

Tropical anthurium plant in a lovely ceramic vase. Anthurium plants grow best in bright indirect light.

$ 650.00

Lovely Brazil Wood Tree arranged in a classic ceramic vase. Shade tolerant plant or partial sunlight.

$ 650.00

This beautiful Elephant Bush in a lovely ceramic vase is the perfect gift for someone special. We recommend to be placed in a sunlight space.

$ 1,950.00

Also known as the Peace Lili, the Spathiphylum plant is a popular indoor house plant that enchants everyone with its glosy , graceful leaves and stunning white flowers. 

$ 1,550.00

A collection of varieties of succulent plants in an elegant black bowl. Every garden desing is unique and might change depending on our succulent availability however, the arrangement you order will be the same size and will look stunning.

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