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Luxury Flowers


Featuring exquisite and unique flowers in our most original designs.



    Soft and delicate dendrobium orchids are complemented with lovely roses, spray roses, lisianthus, snapdragons and lace flowers. Fresh eucalyptus and amaranthus complete the piece set in a white glass base with an elegant silver organza ribbon.



    Beautiful array of pink blooms including roses, magenta dendrobium orchids and tulips. Complemented with fresh hydrangea flowers and textures of seasonal foliage in a white glass vase and an elegant organza ribbon.



    Sweet and romantic, this enchanting design showcases pink roses and spray roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, snapdragon flowers and exotic lime cymbidium orchids. Rich textures of green hydrangeas, silver dollar eucalyptus and amaranthus complement our design. Set in an elegant glass vase with a lovely gift ribbon.

  • Autumn Natural Classic


    Stunning design inspired by the magic of an autumn sunset. Peach roses are surrounded by blue hydrangeas and delicate seasonal foliage. Adorned with a large stem of lemmon Cymbidium orchids set in black vase with an elegant organza ribbon.

  • Amber and Honey


    Subtle shades of amber and honey come together in this gorgeous arrangement. Peach and cream roses paired with honey-hued cymbidium roses complemented with green hydrangeas, white lisianthus, dusty miller, fresh eucalyptus and Strelitzia leaves in a fine ceramic white vase.

  • Deluxe White Design

    Timeless and refined this stunning design celebrates life with fresh white and green textures. This elegant arrangement features seasonal blooms like roses, spray roses, lisianthus, lily flowers, Cymbidium Orchids, hydrangeas and an array of fine foliage like gunni eucalyptus, dusty miller and Strelitzia leaves in a large blown glass vase.
  • Contemporary Sunflowers...


    State of the art arrangement showcasing gorgeous sunflowers, fragrant Oriental Lilies, blue hydrangeas and white lisianthus. Miller, Stlelitzia leaves and lily grass add motion to this stunning design. Set in a large classic white vase. 

  • Magenta & Pink Splendor


    Monumental and simply stunning, this piece was designed to impress. Three varieties of our finest Premium pink hued roses and spray roses are perfectly paired with magenta Dendrobium orchids. Finished with soft accents of matthiola flowers and fresh eucalyptus in a large ceramic white vase. This product must be ordered 24hrs. in advance.

  • Love of my life

    Luxurious floral masterpiece overflowing with spectacular stems of pink cymbidium orchids, magenta dendrobium orchids, pale pink roses, white and pink lisianthus with accents of fresh eucalyptus in an elegant ceramic white bowl.
  • Roses Lisianthus and...


    Spectacular design featuring gorgeous pink roses melting into a garden of hydrangeas, achilleas, spray roses, fresh eucalyptus and a purple double stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid. We place this arrangement in a large white or black vase.

  • Somebody to Love

    Stunning design featuring Cinnamon Roses paired with stems of lime green cymbidium orchids, lisianthus, kalanchoe flowers, tangerine spray roses and daisies with accents of fresh eucalyptus in an elegant ceramic white vase.
  • Thailand


    Impressive design with four double stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchids placed in a modem ceramic vase.

  • Deluxe Spring Design

    Espectacular design of vibrant colors featuring fresh mint Cymbidium orchids, roses, tulips, hydrangeas and fragrant eucalyptus in an elegant black glass vase.
  • Sweet Lady

    Celebrate someone special with this beautiful design of pink, green and white tones. This beautiful arrangement features roses, lisianthus, stems of dendrobium orchids, florets of green hydrangeas and seasonal fine foliage in a white glass vase.
  • Roses Hydrangeas and...


    Spectacular design featuring gorgeous roses melting into a garden of hydrangeas, achilleas,spray roses, fresh eucalyptus, emerald dianthus and a white Phalaenopsis Orchid. We place this arrangement in a large white or black vase.

  • Classic Roses Design

    Stunning roses design perfect to congratulate a loved one or to welcome a baby. Gorgeous roses in three different shades of pink with spray roses, lisianthus and accentuated with seasonal textures in a classic black vase.
  • Lovely

    Bright design featuring 100 hundred roses in soft hues of tangerine, yellow and pink with accents of green hydrangeas in a silver blown glass vase.
  • Fantastic


    Stunning design featuring a great variety of seasonal blooms like roses, ranunculus, pin cushion proteas, freesias, saffron thistle and fine foliage for extra texture. We deliver this composition in a glass vase.

  • Extraordinary


    Stunning design featuring 200 hundred roses in different hues of pink with elegant seasonal greens in a large silver blown glass vase.

  • Pink Luxury Design

    Beautiful and organic our Pink Luxury Design features 100 stems of pastel roses, pink tulips, Cymbidium orchids and accents of golden Strelitzia leaves exquisitely arranged in a large blown glass vase.
  • You are Light


    This impressive and feminine design pays tribute to every angel called MOM. Featuring Berry-hued and pastel roses, lavender and lilac hydrangeas, sweet lisianthus, pink ranunculus and achilleas. Complemented with Queen Anne's lace and fresh eucalyptus and dendrobium orchids for a luxurious touch. Set in a simple glass bowl.

  • Pure Roses

    Spectacular design with 50 stems of roses in hues of pink in a bed of spray roses and placed in a large ceramic bowl.
  • Rosé Spring Design


    This beautiful design in delicate hues of pink features “Hermosa” roses , delicate pink mums and lisianthus, citrus hydrangeas and blooms of Bethlehem stars. Complemented with fresh eucalyptus and dusty miller in an exclusive ceramic vase.

  • Deluxe King Protea Design

    This glorious gathering is overflowing with a variety of gorgeous blooms including roses, lisianthus, spray roses, spray roses, spray carnations, chtysanthemums, daisies and a stunning King Protea with accents of purple limonium, fresh eucalyptus and amaranthus in a classic white vase.
  • Lady in Red


    Complete your romantic celebration with this stunning and elegant 100 red roses arrangement. Presented in a fine White ceramic vessel.

  • L-O-V-E

    Beautiful and organic our Valentine´s deluxe design features 100 stems of red roses, red tulips, Cymbidium orchids and accents of golden Strelitzia leaves exquisitely arranged in a large blown glass vase.
  • 200 Roses Extravaganza


    Artistic and elegant composition with beautiful leaves fanning out Two Hundred red roses and a cascade of dendrobium orchids.

  • 1000 Roses


    1000 Premium roses... This product is not available for Valentine´s Day. If you are looking for a special design please call us at (55) 52 90 75 93 or (55) 52 90 17 07.