Gourmet Gift Baskets

  • Wine, Flowers and snacks


    This fantastic pairing of exquisite Wine, snacks and flowers makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Featuring a refined bottle of Mexican Red Wine Don Leo (also available Rioja LAN Reserva 2012) a lovely roses arrangement and two savory nut mix and pistachios snacks in a fine wooden box.

  • Celebrating Life


    Because we believe we must always celebrate life, we have created this set with a rich selection of cheeses, nuts, pistachios, almond biscuits, organic honey and a great Mexican Don Leo wine  (also available Rioja LAN reserva 2012). Celebrate your friends or your loved ones at any time with this great gift.

  • Fiorence Red Wine...


    Red wine and chocolate? What a lovely combination! A delicious mix of flavors pairing a full-bodied red wine, chocolate truffles, chocolate-coated almonds, almond shortbreads and Organic Mexican Coffee from Chiapas. The perfect gift to celebrate any day or any occasion!

    Both red wine and dark chocolate contain resveratrol. This compound helps cells to rejuvenate so that the aging process is slowed down. 

  • Casino Royale Gift Box


    Our Casino Royale FIORENCE gift box features a bottle of Bombay Saphire gin  paired with olives, pistachios, mixed nuts and hearts of palm. Do you have any other favorite gin? Contact us to customize your very special Casino Royale box. 

  • Port, Coffee &...


    The perfect gift for chocolate and coffee lovers. Our PORT, COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE box offers one of our favorite dessert pairings; In this gourmet box you can find chocolate-coated almonds and brownies to pair with a Dow´s Port and delicious almond shortbreads.



    This beautiful gift is perfect to indulge a special person close to your heart. Featuring two lovely ceramic tea mugs, one organic lavender tea box with 20 tea bags each, chocolate chips tea biscuits, 250g of handmade chocolate truffles, one organic honey jar and one ornamental plant. This gift is presented either in a rustic wooden box or a deluxe wooden box.

    To make your gift more special you can add a lovely Poinsettia plant to send your best wishes and celebrate the beauty of the season. 

  • Cinnamon and Honey Set


    Our Honey and Cinnamon Set has everything you need to pamper someone truly special. Featuring a delicious organic Lavender Tea that you can sweeten with a rich organic Orange Blossom Honey and pair with delicious gourmet cookies. This set also includes a lovely ceramic mug, gourmet gummies and a beautiful ornamental plant . For packing you can choose between a rustic box or a deluxe wooden box with a lid. The perfect gift  for any occasion!

    “ A cup of Tea is a cup of Peace “.

  • Tea Lover Exclusive...


    How about a cold glass of Champagne to start our “Tea Time” and continue with a delicious cup of organic Tea from our selection, some delicious butter or almond biscuits and our house brownies. Our FIORENCE Tea Lover DELUXE set also includes two beautiful fine ceramic mugs, a jar of organic honey and a lovely ornamental plant.

    “ Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first ? “ Peter Pan

  • Mezcal & Snacks gift box


    Enjoy our very special Mezcal gift box featuring an exquisite Señorio Mezcal, three types of salts, a selection of snacks like salty mixed nuts, crunchy pistachios, olives and baby corn. A lovely ornamental plant is also included in our box.

  • Fruit, Cheese & Snacks...


    Enjoy our selection of seasonal fruit paired with mixed nuts, crunchy pistachios, organic honey, salty crackers, and a delicious imported jam. The perfect gift to celebrate any moment. To make your gift even more special you can add a bottle of Rioja LAN Reserva 2012 or a bottle of Champagne. 




  • Wine Duet


    The perfect gift for wine lovers, featuring one red and one white Spanish wine bottles paired with delicious olives, salty nut mix, crispy pistachios and sesame bread sticks. This gift is presented in a wooden crate and topped-off with a hand-tied bow.

  • Mexican Wine Basket


    The perfect gift for wine lovers. A selection of three excellent Mexican red wines paired with a mix of salty nut mix, crispy pistachios and almond shorbreads. 1 bottle of Monte Xanic 1 bottle of Casa Madero 1 bottle of Parcela Nut Mix 150g Pistachios 150g Gourmet almond shortbreads 150g SIZE: 40cm x 40cm

  • Bombay with treats &...


    Perfect to send thanks or well whishes this gift features delicious treats, a beautiful array of succulent plants, and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin.

  • Valle de Guadalupe with...


    Perfect to send best this award winning wine from Guadalupe Valley Mexico is beautifully presented beside a gorgeous succulent garden.

  • Roses & Wine


    Your choice of bottle is set beside a gorgeous pillow of red roses intertwined with Queen Anne´s Lace and fresh greenery. Presented in a wooden crate.

  • Rioja & Succulent Garden


    Your choice of wine is set beside a beautiful array of succulent plants with a variety of textures, colors and forms. Presented in a wooden crate.

  • Tequila & flowers


    Perfect to celebrate a special ocassion we've assembled this crate with an original Cristalino tequila – Maestro Dobel Diamante – and a gorgeous array of succulent plants and hydrangeas. 

  • Bombay with flowers


    Beautiful array of succulent plants with a variety of textures, colors and forms, blue hydrangeas and fine greenery is set beside a fresh and lively Bombay Gin with a slightly floral character perfect for a refreshing G&T. Presented in a wooden crate.

  • Tequila & Treats


    We´ve assembled this special crate with an original Cristalino tequila – Maestro Dobel Diamante – delicious treats and a gorgeous array of succulent plants. 



    Enjoy this satisfying selection of delicious fruit and treats. This special gift makes a very thoughtful thank you gift.