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New Flower Design

New Designs

The most gorgeous seasonal flowers, fresh greens and unique textures in our most original designs.



    Sweet and romantic, this enchanting design showcases pink roses and spray roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, snapdragon flowers and exotic lime cymbidium orchids. Rich textures of green hydrangeas, silver dollar eucalyptus and amaranthus complement our design. Set in an elegant glass vase with a lovely gift ribbon.

  • Rainbow Deluxe Flower...


    This abundant and colorful design has become a favorite. Featuring peach roses and Spray roses, daisies, purple lisianthus, spires of lysimachia, Kalanchoe flowers, achileas and magenta dendrobium orchids. Accented with lush textures like fresh green hydrangeas and eucalyptus in a handmade Mexican palm basket.  

  • White & Pink Design


    Stunning display of gorgeous blooms in pastel hues. Featuring roses, spray roses and white hydrangeas. Lisianthus, Queen Anne´s lace and achilleas add interesting textures and motion to the design. Complemented with amaranthus and miller in a glass bowl.

  • México Lindo y Querido


    Lovely multicolored flower basket, perfect to welcome a new baby or just to say thank you. Featuring gorgeous blooms of roses, matsumoto mums, hydrangeas, daisies, achilleas, lisianthus, snapdragons and fresh seasonal accents of the finest greenery.



    Soft and delicate dendrobium orchids are complemented with lovely roses, spray roses, lisianthus, snapdragons and lace flowers. Fresh eucalyptus and amaranthus complete the piece set in a white glass base with an elegant silver organza ribbon.

  • Romantic Roses Design


    Stunning display of lovely roses and spray roses, coral and white lisianthus, pink achilleas and spider mums, beautifully complemented with accents of fragrant eucalyptus, fresh foliage and Strelitzia leaves in a fine white ceramic bowl.

  • Mexican Garden


    This gorgeous piece of floral art features blooms in soft shades of lemon, pink and white. It has an abundant display of roses, spray roses, lisianthus, snapdragons, hydrangeas and achilleas. Lovingly complemented with accents of dusty miller and fresh eucalyptus in a fine Mexican handmade basket.

  • Contemporary Sunflowers...


    State of the art arrangement showcasing gorgeous sunflowers, fragrant Oriental Lilies, blue hydrangeas and white lisianthus. Miller, Stlelitzia leaves and lily grass add motion to this stunning design. Set in a large classic white vase. 

  • Phalaenopsis in Flower...


    Lovely design full of gorgeous pastel blooms like lisianthus, roses, spay roses daisies, matthiola flowers, fresh greens and complemented with a Phalaenopsis Orchid in a glass white vessel.

  • Lady in Red

    MX$2,674.14 MX$2,974.14

    Complete your romantic celebration with this stunning and elegant 100 red roses arrangement. Presented in a fine White ceramic vessel.

  • English Garden


    Inspired by the beauty of an English Garden this gorgeous composition features pastel blooms like spray roses, roses, lisianthus , hydrangeas and green fresh textures.

  • Summer Garden


    Beautiful and classic arrangement with a garden feel and seasonal blooms arranged in a natural way.

  • You are Light


    This impressive and feminine design pays tribute to every angel called MOM. Featuring Berry-hued and pastel roses, lavender and lilac hydrangeas, sweet lisianthus, pink ranunculus and achilleas. Complemented with Queen Anne's lace and fresh eucalyptus and dendrobium orchids for a luxurious touch. Set in a simple glass bowl.

  • Rosé Spring Design


    This beautiful design in delicate hues of pink features “Hermosa” roses , delicate pink mums and lisianthus, citrus hydrangeas and blooms of Bethlehem stars. Complemented with fresh eucalyptus and dusty miller in an exclusive ceramic vase.

  • 200 Roses Extravaganza


    Artistic and elegant composition with beautiful leaves fanning out Two Hundred red roses and a cascade of dendrobium orchids.

  • Renoir


    This soft-hued composition features a gathering of gorgeous blooms like roses, spray roses, daisies, lisianthus, achilea flowers, green hydrangeas, dusty miller and accents of fresh eucalyptus and amaranthus in a glass container.

  • Van Gogh

    Stunning and elegant composition with over 30 sunflowers and lisianthus accented with phornium leaves and scabiosa flowers in a deluxe blown glass vase.


    Beautiful design that shines with radiant colors and reminds us of a gorgeous Mexican Sunset. Featuring tangerine roses, yellow alstroemerias and purple lisianthus accented with stems of palmiras and caspia in a handmade ¨tortilla¨ container.

  • Fiorence Pastel


    Original design with roses, lisianthus, matsumoto mums, hydrangeas, limonium and fine greenery in a hand made woven bag.



    Lovely array of cheerful pink blooms including roses, lisianthus, daisies achilleas and accents of Queen Anne´s Lace and caspia in a handmade ¨tortilla¨ container.



    Beautiful design that shines with radiant colors and reminds us of a cheerful Mexican ¨fiesta¨. Featuring tangerine roses and mums, yellow alstoemerias and purple lisianthus accented with stems of palmiras and caspia in a handmade woven bag.

  • Sunflowers Field


    This enchanting display of flowers features fresh sunflowers, lush yellow roses and daisies, spray carnations and is framed by wild textures like fresh silver dollar eucalyptus and goldenrod.

  • You are Sweet


    This gorgeous seasonal design features delicate blooms in shades of soft pink with roses, lisianthus, spray carnations, matthiola flowers, hydrangeas and Queen Anne´s lace, Complemented with fresh seasonal greens in a glass vessel.

  • You are Love


    This charming design features a beautiful array of magenta and pink blooms: berry-hued roses paired with lavender hydrangeas, soft pink lisianthus and matthiola flowers. Finished with fresh eucalyptus and seasonal greens in a glass bowl.

  • You are wonderful


    Charming design with gorgeous Spring blooms like Berry-hued roses, lilac hydrangeas, pink daisies and hot pink lisianthus. For a very special touch we added pops of dendrobium orchids and seasonal greens in a white ceramic vessel.

  • You are Brave!


    Bright and full of color! This lovely arrangement features with multi-color gerbera daisies, pink statice, fresh eucalyptus and seasonal foliage in a glass bowl.

  • Sunset

    Radiant design featuring tangerine roses, ivory lisianthus flowers, orange daisies and alstroemerias and wild freesia blooms with accents of fresh amaranthus and phornium leaves in a glass vase.
  • Creative

    Celebrate the most important person in your life with this gorgeous  design. Roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, achillea flowers, dianthus, green trick, eucalyptus and seasonal foliage for extra texture. It is presented in a glass round vase.