Fiorence Red Wine Coffee & Chocolate Set

Fiorence Red Wine Coffee & Chocolate Set


Red wine and chocolate? What a lovely combination! A delicious mix of flavors pairing a full-bodied red wine, chocolate truffles, chocolate-coated almonds, almond shortbreads and Organic Mexican Coffee from Chiapas. The perfect gift to celebrate any day or any occasion!

Both red wine and dark chocolate contain resveratrol. This compound helps cells to rejuvenate so that the aging process is slowed down. 

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Our Fiorence Red wine, Coffee & Chocolate Set includes:

  • One Don Leo Shiraz wine (750ml).
  • Organic Mexican Coffee from Chiapas (454g).
  • Gourmet almond shortbreads (12 pc).
  • Chocolate-coated almonds (200g).
  • Handcrafted chocolate truffles (250g).
  • One ornamental plant.
  • Your choice of packing.

To make your gift more special you can add a lovely Poinsettia plant to send your best wishes and celebrate the beauty of the season. 

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